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Life is about change, adapting and revealing truth

Sandra Dosdall lives in Calgary Alberta, spending her free time focused on creating literature that she believes is relevant to our changing times. Sandra's debut novel Her, is the first in Her Series, a storyline that has captivated readers and has received five -star reviews. The release of Her too has brought excitement on all fronts~ for Sandra herself, readers, and reviewers! A continuation of Her story, we journey through life with Her, and creatively woven characters while exploring elements of time, loss, learning to love, and discovering one's purpose. For Sandra, the study of religion, spirituality, and personal growth for decades was a starting point for the foundation of Her series. Having learned from some of the greatest literary minds of the twenty-first century, Sandra's method of story delivery is reminiscent of her mentors and yet uniquely her page-turning style.  Her novels are suspenseful, exhilarating, unpredictable, and thought-provokingly colorful. 

Looking for material? Copywriting isn't easy, but if you're skilled, it can be simple. Sandra has learned how to make it appear complicated, but feel like it comes naturally. Sandra will make your copy flow the way your energy does. She "gets people." Through the study theology and psychology, an understanding of humanity developed, providing an insight into human desire and creativity. That energy will transpire into your copy. Are you energetic, ambitious, assertive, easy-going, sophisticated, or gentle? What image will you portray publicly? One of sincerity, modesty, pleasantness, considerate, and obliging? Or will the public see outspoken, sociable, sincere, or cheerful in your copy materials? You get to decide, let Sandra help you sort through the stuff you don't fully comprehend, select the most relevant items that work for you, and focus on building a business that will thrive in today's marketplace.  


A Corporate Director, Sandra spends her days involved in mergers and acquisitions. She is an established business figure, a wife, and a mother of three. Her newest literary accomplishment, "What's My Name?" is a thriller that will bring you to tears. 

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