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Conversations with Her



Life is about change, learning to adapt and finding comfort in our own truth as it is revealed. How can we learn from others, what do we have to offer? How do we feel about life?

Tune in to hear intimate talk, Conversations with Her where the unveiling of impactful secrets occurs in videos offered to you here. Hear diverse perspectives, the acknowledgment of wellness and how impactful it can be. Generation X'ers share truths about relationships, spirituality, creativity, and raising kids. Millennials offer insight into their evolving role in society, & how they will map our future, Generation Z's will tell us how social media and our current environment is shaping their future. Be a part of the conversation, It's all happening here with author SandraDosdall.

conversations with her~video series

In January of 2019, a process began in which I personally interviewed 30 Individuals from 5 different generations. All were asked the same thirty questions, all of it was captured on video. Regretfully, as of today, I have only received one of the videos which is posted below, essentially unedited. If I am lucky enough one day to receive more of them from the cinematographer that captured the magic, I will post for your viewing pleasure. 

Promo Video

Kris -Local Celebrity

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