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The Social Media Game

Working to create a following is hard work. Anyone that suggests otherwise is not being totally forthright. It is possible that for some the social media game comes easy. It's also probable that an individual of an aging generation such as myself has limited interest. The likelihood of success is combined with a willingness to learn, grasp of the available platforms and a connection with the up and coming kids that can make or break you.

Regardless of who we are, what we do, or what we intend to sell, we need the approval of those who are controlling the market we aim to utilize. Once upon a time there were rules, there was honour and there was a format that we could understand. Marketing and advertising was something that everyone had to do, but rather than relying on ourselves for leads, we used the resources of mediums such as newsprint, magazines, radio and television. Exposure was achieved through various forms but considered reliable and required significant resources to execute properly.

The new trend is of course social media. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vsco, Tumbler, and YouTube to name just the tip of the iceberg. We struggle to learn one, gain momentum and then we need to move onto the next. If you don't Blog, your followers become bored with your content. If you don't create a Podcast no one listens to your voice. We must have a YouTube presence and create live FaceBook videos to engage potential interest. Diligent posting may do one of two things, attract of repel those who like and comment on your posts. Finding the perfect number of posts per week and per day, and then determining the content of those posts is a challenge, and not easy to ascertain. Algorithms determine our exposure, not the number of followers that we are able to attract. Once we think we have it figured out, the Internet Gods change their platforms, change the rules, and rework their own business' to better monetize our engagement.

Oy Vey- Keeping up is aging me. I do my best, and most days I seem to fall short. I gain followers only to lose them three days later. It's a struggle. I love to write, writing is where my passion lies. I will figure out a way to manage the social media game, one day at a time, one follower before the next, one book sold before a hundred books sold. I am confident that with my skillset, I can do anything, And an absolute certainty- my very best bet, is on myself. ~ Original Post January 4, 2018

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