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You likely don’t know me yet, allow me to introduce myself. I am you. I am everything that you once wanted to be. I know all that you have done, I have heard all that you have said. I have seen when you were afraid, and provided strength when you felt weak. I laughed with you. I am your hopes. I see you for what you have become, I accept the flaws, mistakes, the fear. We have made it. Our decisions, our choices, our way. We are everything together, nothing apart. We are one, we are now resting in peace. Death.

She arrived. Her giggles and smiles were all that I had ever wanted to see. Her love absolute. She grew, she flourished, smarter, more confident, more alive; becoming herself. A hard road she’s had, struggles and strife, disappointments and hardships. She is grounded in positivity, she remains calm on the waters that threaten her. You take her now, asking my permission, taking her hand. I am reluctant, not because I don’t love the idea of you, but because losing her is more than I can bear. You promise to care for her now. Can I trust you to be the best for her?

Her Arrival

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